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Kelly Haffield

I first became acquainted with First Witness and the work they do, through their forensic interview training, while working in law enforcement. Shortly after participating in the training, I was assigned to sex trafficking investigations for my department and found myself calling on First Witness on a regular basis. It soon became apparent to me, the valuable service that First Witness provides. I found the staff to be amazing. The job they are asked to do day and in and day out is not easy. I was able to witness firsthand, how the children are made to feel safe and at ease in what can be a very trying situation. First Witness is truly making a difference every day for the children in our communities, whose lives are impacted by abuse. That is why, when I was asked if I would be interested in sitting on the Board of Directors for First Witness, I said yes. I truly believe in what First Witness is doing, and I saw it as an opportunity to help make a difference in something that really matters.