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What We Do

First Witness Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is here to support healing by ensuring that children are listened to, and receive the critical support, victim advocacy, medical care, and mental health care they need to recover from abuse.

First Witness CAC is built upon a national model where the investigative process for child abuse is streamlined and provided in a child-friendly setting. We bring together professionals and agencies needed to offer comprehensive services to victims of alleged child abuse in a setting where they feel safe enough to get the help they need to stop the abuse and begin the healing process.

Forensic Interviewing

First Witness CAC provides neutral, fact-finding interviews for children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults who may have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, witnessed violence, or have been otherwise victimized.


All children and families served by First Witness CAC receive support and family advocacy services as part of the response to allegations of child abuse.

Facilitating a Multidisciplinary Team

Children and families have the best outcomes when professionals work together and share their expertise.

Medical Exams

All children who are suspected victims of child abuse and served by First Witness CAC are entitled to a medical exam conducted by a specialized medical provider.

Mental Health

Access to specialized mental health services is critical for abused children and their families to move forward in the healing process.


Each of us has a role in the safety and support of children that can help keep them safe from abuse.