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About Advocacy Training

This training meets the Victim Advocacy Standard for Accreditation set forth by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA).

An investigation of alleged child abuse and potential legal proceedings can be stressful for families. The process can be confusing and frightening, and a family advocate can provide much-needed support and information. We train advocates across the nation on the First Witness Child Advocacy Center (CAC) model and perspective of family advocacy.

This training encompasses:
• Child Sexual Abuse and Dynamics
• Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT) and Child Advocacy Centers
• Victim Rights and Compensation
• Trauma-Informed Services
• Society, Beliefs, and the Impact of Advocacy
• 6 Core Principles of Social Change Advocacy
• Crisis Assessment and Intervention Skills
• Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
• Active Advocacy: Providing Direct Support Through Court and Other Systems
• Using Prevention Messages in Individual Work With Families
• Advocate Credibility
• Boundaries and Ethics as Applied to Advocates
• System Change
• Trauma-Informed Advocacy

Through hands-on practice, participants will learn how to put advocacy principles into action, including conducting a focus group to improve programming, changing organizations, and systems, and creating programs and interventions that meet victims’ needs.


This training meets all essential components in the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) Standard of Victim Advocacy. First Witness Child Advocacy Center’s advocacy program bridges the… Learn More

11/1/2021, 11/3/2021, 11/5/2021

Format: Online


Meet Your Advocacy Trainers!

Kylee Pass

Kylee Pass

Advocacy and Prevention Program Coordinator
Ally Kovach

Ally Kovach

Family Advocate and Trainer
Ryan Prouty

Ryan Prouty

Family Advocate and Trainer