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Safe and Strong Child© Train the Presenter

First Witness is pleased to offer Safe and Strong Child© Train the Presenter to CACs and other organizations interested in implementing a child abuse prevention education program in their communities.  

Safe and Strong Child© (SSC©) body safety curriculum is aligned with evidence-informed best practices for child sexual abuse prevention. SSC© consists of developmentally appropriate classroom lessons that are taught interactively through stories, role play, and song in a non-threatening environment. Portions of the curriculum also provide support and education to teachers and caregivers who can help to keep kids safe. 

In the Safe and Strong Child© Train the Presenter, participants will be taught how to: present SSC© to students, school staff, and caregivers, use SSC© materials, coordinate a prevention education program, and respond to various classroom situations. As a train the presenter course, this course does not prepare participants to train others on how to present the information. 

All participants will receive electronic copies of SSC© curriculum materials, classroom presentation aids, and coordination paperwork. For organizations who want to jumpstart their SSC program, there is a physical Safe and Strong Child© Kit available in the course registration as an add-on to the training.