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Learn more about understanding child abuse, how to respond to and report suspected child abuse, prevention methods, the impact domestic violence has on children, and further your cultural humility skills.

White Supremacy Culture

This revised and updated article builds off the work of many scholars who study white supremacy culture. The article goes through different characteristics of white…

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Most often when we are taught about racism, we are taught that people of color are at a disadvantage, but not taught that white people…

The State of America’s Children 2020

This report shows how children are doing nationally to further conversations and policies to ensure that all of the nation’s children have an equitable chance…

The Lens of Systemic Oppression: Applying a Racial Equity Frame

This article explains that by applying a racial equity lens to the individual, institutional, and structural levels, we can make concrete steps towards equitable change.

10 Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Ableism

In the U.S., there are a disproportionately low number of children’s books that address disabilities and ableism, which then contributes to the stereotypes and bias…

Stress, Worry, and Social Support: Inequality in America’s Cities

It has been known that income and opportunities contribute to inequality in the USA, but there are also unequal levels of happiness, stress, and optimism…

Race Talk in the Workplace: Unraveling Intention and Impact

This article analyzes and provides skills on how to effectively communicate across racial differences taking into account intention vs impact.

My Role in a Social Change Ecosystem: A Mid-Year Check-In

This article explains and examines the social change eco-system along with some guiding questions to see where you and others in your organization are at.