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Play Therapy for Traumatized Children

What is Play Therapy? Play therapy is one of the many forms of therapy offered for children who are suffering with severe trauma and post-traumatic… Read More

By Ava Scheffler

How to Spot Abuse and Maltreatment Before It’s Too Late

The country song “Alyssa Lies” is based off a true story about a young girl who didn’t get the help she needed in time. Jason… Read More

By Sami Carlson

Creating and Using Safe Spaces

What is a Safe Space? A safe space is a place for children to go to navigate their big feelings. Everyone experiences feelings that are… Read More

By Sami Carlson

Don’t Take Candy from a Stranger: The Myths of Child Abuse

As a society, we continuously and unconsciously build a set of social norms. Social norms are these shared standards of what is acceptable behavior within… Read More

By Amber Bloss

Defining Child Abuse

Child abuse prevails in many different forms: physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual. Physical abuse arises when… Read More

By Kristen Jones

Online Abuse Prevention – Keeping Youth Safe on a Digital Playscape

As a millennial parent I felt confident raising children with the digital background knowledge that I had from growing up in the 90’s and… Read More

By Ally Washenesky