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Response and Reporting

Sexual Exploitation of Minors: A Condensed Overview

Overview Sex trafficking of minors can be defined as anyone under the age of 18 who is recruited, exploited, lured, or solicited to complete a… Read More

By Sophia Hendrickson

Staying SANE: The Importance of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

What would you do if you went through the most traumatic experience of your life and you then had to go to a cold, sterile… Read More

By Marisa Mulholland

How to Spot Abuse and Maltreatment Before It’s Too Late

The country song “Alyssa Lies” is based off a true story about a young girl who didn’t get the help she needed in time. Jason… Read More

By Sami Carlson

Creating and Using Safe Spaces

What is a Safe Space? A safe space is a place for children to go to navigate their big feelings. Everyone experiences feelings that are… Read More

By Sami Carlson

Positive Childhood Experiences

If your child has been through something traumatic, I bet you are wondering what so many other parents are: “What can I do to… Read More

By Chloe Thomas

Why Aren’t They Arrested Yet? A Citizen’s Guide to a Child Abuse Investigation

The abuse of a child is an offense that many citizens will agree rises to the level of unacceptable in the eyes of society. When… Read More

By Ally Washenesky